Who will surpass the Endgame or No Way Home?

Who will surpass the Endgame or No Way Home?

(New marvel movies 2021)

In the midst of hundreds of difficult engagements, if there is one glimpse of peace, it is the trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home. Oops .. what excitement that works every time you watch. It’s been 3-4 days since the trailer came out but Feelings works just like watching it for the first time. Every time I see more goosebumps!

If I talk about multiverse villains … I will be able to see all the villains that I have grown up watching since I was a child. Just thinking about it, I know how madness is working.


Doctor Octopus

Green Goblin


Maybe some more villains can be seen in this Multiverse branch timeline.

After the End Game, Marvel is launching its new universe through Shang-Chi and Eternals. In a word, the way Sony is connecting those old villains through the Multiverse branch timeline in Spider-Man as well. Also, we hope that there will be superheroes from different timelines of Sony (like Morbius). As fans of the Marvel universe, we can only hope that this is going to be the biggest superhero event after the End Game or it may even surpass the Endgame!

Let me know what you think.

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