Spiderman No Way Home Trailer Breakdown

I think you woke up in the morning and opened your mobile and saw that the thing you have been waiting for so long is almost in front of you. yeap. That happened to everyone.

Official teaser of Spider-man: no way home has been released.

Spiderman 3 (no way home) is one of the most awaited movies for basically all the MCU fans.

It’s weird to read that, but it’s true that watching this teaser is like watching a golden deer. Ahh, the wait for so many days will come to an end and after a few days.

Today all MCU fans seeing the rumors that they have been hearing for so long.

let’s see who’s back on
3. SANDMAN (not sure)
5. Venom \ lizard

Neither Garfield nor Maguire (past spider man heroes) is featured in the trailer, although this is one of the main theories surrounding the upcoming film.

This seems to MCU fans to be the biggest mystery.

Although a lot has happened with the trailer leak on Sunday. Forget them now. Because it’s still in front of us.

There is nothing to say about the plot because it is the teaser, the final trailer is left to come.

In 4 hours, all platforms are already around 50 million across.

The thing that struck the most to the MCU fans was…
Dr. Octopus: Hello peter … !!!

This is the first time we’ve ever seen a squirrel in the woods, and it’s the first time we’ve ever seen a squirrel in the woods.

Little plot:

The trailer shows that SpiderMan is under a lot of stress because his appearance has made Mysterio viral. And he was arrested on charges of murdering Mysterio.

The man who had hoped for SpiderMan has now turned sweet and is giving him the title of Evil. He goes to Doctor Strange to solve this problem.

Doctor Strange will spell to solve his problem and as a result of this spell, everyone will forget that Peter Parker is Spider-man. But Peter Parker disturbs Doctor Strange a lot and as a result, Doctor makes a strange mistake and throws him towards Multiverse.

Due to this mistake, the Multiverse war started and one villain after another appeared in the trailer. And its results can be seen in the trailer

1. Electric Power of Electro
2. The famous weapon of the Green Goblin
3. And finally Doctor Octopus shows up to say “Hello Peter”

This time let’s discuss what might happen in the movie and answer some questions

1. Everyone’s question can the three SpiderMan be seen together ?? – Yes, of course. First of all, it was said that the 1st trailer of the three SpiderMan will not be seen together. Only Electro Villain will show. But not in the 1st trailer showing the three villains together.

2. 1 year ago Jimmy Foxx Electro villain he posted on Instagram has three Spiderman standing in front of him.

3. Watching the 1st trailer, it is not possible to say what is happening in the movie. However, in today’s trailer, it has been shown that whoever attacked Peter Parker like a giant will be either Venom or Lizard. That means 90% can have 4 villains

4. Electrio will no longer be seen in blue in the movie, he will be seen in yellow.

5. Loki series saw Multiverse War has started. As a result, one universe is meeting in another universe. And as seen in Loki Series, Loki has a lot of Variety, Kang has a lot of Variants, and Spiderman has confirmed Variant a few years ago in the movie Spider verses.

Give your opinion on fact number 5 and wait for the 2nd trailer

Now many will say what is there to do so many stories with a teaser in a few minutes for them see you not for the mind 😉 … Have a relax

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