SHANG-CHI (Legend Of the ten Rings) realesed

Mistakes will be forgiven.

Movie Name: SHANG-CHI
(Legend Of the ten Rings)
IMDB rating: 8/10

First of all, Marvel’s Face Four is a movie so well done.
From what you see in various Chinese movies, from kung-fu to Chinese mythology, if you entrust the task of building a superhero character to a good director in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as is supposed to be a quality movie, that’s exactly what happened.

Personally, I got everything I expected from this movie. Shimu Liu’s acting and appearance at Shang Chi Casting were just amazing. Most enjoyable in the movie were the characters of Kate as Aquafina and Ben Kingsley. Those who liked the mother character in the movie Aquaman will like the character of Shang Chi’s mother as well.
I liked the movie BGM, VFX very much, the action scenes were also great. Again in some places in the middle, you can think of watching a Disney movie. There are surprises in the mid and end credit scenes, I just missed Stan Lee’s cameo.

I hope you will not be disappointed.
Happy watching to everyone.

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