Hacksaw Ridge Movie Explain & Review

Movie Name: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

I didn’t see any war, I just read the pages of the book, but while watching this movie, I felt like I was watching a war very closely.
Didn’t you hear?
Eternal Maheshwar deserves world destruction
He never gets tired
No one has the ability to understand him
He also gives strength to the tired body and increases the strength of the weak
Even youth loses its youth one day
But those who believe in God
He increases their strength
They will fly like eagles
They will run but never get tired
They will walk but will not faint
Desmond, stay with us!
Survive, Desmond
We’ll get you out of here.


Plot: 1945, World War II is going on. Many other young men in his country and many of his friends have joined the U.S. military. He also decided to join the war.

A young man named Desmond Dos wants to join the American military in that war. But he promised not to shoot anyone, not to kill people. How is that possible? War means violence, shelling.

So killing enemies is mandatory to survive on the battlefield. Desmond Doss believed in the Bible’s Sixth Commandment, “No one can be killed.” Due to this, even if he goes to the army, he will never take up arms and will not be able to kill anyone in the war, but he will help the war wounded to survive.

But the army will not accept such a policy. Will he be able to overcome all obstacles and participate in the Second World War? But the exception was Desmond Dos. Not killing a single person, not firing a single shot (DOS also served the wounded Japanese soldiers) Desmond DOS received the “Medal of Honor” for his heroism. But how? This movie is based on the true story of that story.

This movie has shown a lot of love, family unrest, patriotism, and religious values. Desmond Dos, a real-life activist working for peace, later married his girlfriend, Dorothy, and he remained in this marriage until his wife’s death. War means destruction, brutality, cruelty!

In the midst of this atrocity, a little bit of humanity is a lot. But if this humanity is bigger than the ravages of war, what can it be called? In the midst of the atrocities of war, the triumph of love and the triumph of humanity is in the Hacks Ridge movie. No one wins the war, only one group is defeated. But Desmond Dos won! In a single effort, he saved 75 lives. War can only take, war may not have the power to give.

The first part of the movie is about family feuds and love, the next part is about a completely different scene of horrible fights, which is like getting into a frenzy. A friend of mine said watching this movie would feel like not shooting; Any video clip captured on camera during World War II is actually so.

I have not taken my eyes off him for a second since the beginning of the war. I think I am watching a war from close. How is such beautiful cinematography? How is it? That has been explained in detail in this movie. The location seems to have been shot from a battlefield. Background music is also super. Like cooling the body. What else can I say about the acting, the hero is completely mind-blowing, he has acted very, very well and naturally.

The American Film Institute chose the Hacks Ridge movie as one of the top ten films of the year and received numerous awards and nominations. The film won six Oscars at the 69th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. Won Best Actor, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing. The Golden Globe nominee also won multiple awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor.

Movie Name: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
IMDB Rating: 8.1

One of the favorite dialogue of this movie is “Please Lord Help me Get One More! Help Me Get One More!”

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