DC FANDOM 21 is going to start on October 18.

DC FANDOM 21 is going to start on October 18.

In this DC phantom for the second time, we can get a teaser/trailer of several DC movies. Development movie updates, upcoming TV series, games, and cosplay in DC.
Teaser / Trailer:
1. The Batman (4/3/22): The new trailer recently shown in Cinema can is going to get in DC Fandom.

2. Dc League of super-Peats (20/5/22): Tasa on Starcast is more likely to get the teaser of this animated movie.

3. Black Adam (29/7/22): We will get the trailer of this movie made with several superheroes of Black Adam and J.S.A.

4. Flash (4/11/22): The teaser release of this most hyped movie among DC’s upcoming movies has a big chance.

5.peacemaker series: (January / 22)

6. Aquaman 2 will give something like Shazam 2’s last year’s Black Adam teaser

Development Movie, Series:

1. Hbo max Low budget movie: Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Black Canary updates can be found.

2. Hbo max upcoming Dc series: STATIC SHOCK’s movie, HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, Val-Zod Superman limited series.

3. Bad Robot Dc project:

1. SUPERMAN REBOOT: Update may actually come (less chance)

2. Justice League Dark Universe: Instead of bringing a movie at the beginning of Justice League Dark, its own series or movie is going to come with its characters:

1: Constantine Show On HBO Max

2. Emerald Fennell’s Zatanna Movie

3. Madame Xanadu Show On HBO Max Their cast can be known.

4. HBO MAX upcoming animated series:

1. Batman: Caped Crusader

2. My Adventures with Superman Their cast, release date can be known.

5. DC’S Development movie: The progress of these movies can be known (chances are very low).


5. Lobo (Last update coming in 18)
6. hour man
7. green lantern crops

Cosplay: Last year 5 Bangladeshi people had a cosplay show in DC Fandom (of which Jarin Simmer is the best I like). Hopefully, that number will increase this year.

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